Opportunities for Community-based Archives

Thanks to the fanastic Perry Collins for compiling the information below! From Perry (@perrycollins):

Below is the brief information (and as a one-pager) about two programs for training and funding geared toward community-based archives. Many of us are members of organizations or work with organizations that might wish to apply. Deadlines for both of these are coming up quite soon at the beginning of July, though the applications aren’t too onerous. The Mellon program will definitely have a 2020 deadline and I think it’s likely the DocNow training program will also run again next year depending on their funding situation.

Below are two upcoming opportunities for training and funding available to US-based organizations that are interested in developing archives and digital collections that focus on community history and social justice. While many different types of organizations are eligible to apply, both programs emphasize support for people and communities who are frequently marginalized because of their race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexuality, ability, geography, religion, and/or class.

Mellon Foundation Call for Proposals to Community-based Archives
Scope: The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation invites community-based archives in the United States and its territories to submit proposals to fund one or more of the following areas of need: Operational support for the organization, including general support for staff, space, and utilities; Collections care, including storage, cataloging, description, and preservation.; Programming and outreach activities, including collecting new materials, and exhibitions, publications, or other uses of the collections.

Available funding: $25,000-$100,000, for grants up to 2 years

Deadline: July 1, 2019 (with another round of funding anticipated in 2020)
Note that this program is open to US-based, 501(c)(3) organizations with archives that have annual operating budgets over $50,000 and no more than $1 million.

Documenting the Now Community-based Digital Archives Workshops for Activists
Scope: Documenting the Now is accepting applications from US-based social justice activist organizations that would like to benefit from a free community-based digital archives workshop in their city or town in 2020. The workshops will focus on helping activists to develop the skills and to use available tools to collect, preserve, and share their web, social media and other types of digital content in their own digital archive.

Available funding: In addition to receiving a free one-day workshop by Documenting the Now trainers, for up to thirty (30) members, each organization will be given a $5,000 stipend. Stipends can be used however the organization deems appropriate, in relation to the workshop, including to incentivize membership to attend or to cover catering costs and staff time.

Deadline: July 3, 2019