University of Miami: Goizueta Foundation Graduate Fellowship Program

Cuban Heritage Collection

Award Categories
All disciplines and areas of study are considered. Applicants must be enrolled in a doctoral program at a university in the U.S. Recipients must be in residence during the course of the fellowship and may not hold concurrent teaching positions.

Graduate Pre-Prospectus Summer Fellowships
Pre-Prospectus Summer Fellowships will allow doctoral students to determine how the Cuban Heritage Collection may serve their research needs as they prepare the dissertation prospectus. These are exploratory fellowships to decide if research resources in the CHC will support a dissertation.

Fellowships of $1,500 will be granted for one month in residence between June 1 and August 31.

Graduate Research Fellowships
Research Fellowships will support doctoral candidates who wish to use the Cuban Heritage Collection as a primary resource for a dissertation. Doctoral students applying for these fellowships will have completed their course work and passed their qualifying examinations. They will be prepared to pursue research based on an approved prospectus.

Fellowships of $3,000 per month will be granted for periods of one to three months.

Deadline to apply is Monday, February 4, 2019.

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Questions about the fellowship program or application process should be directed to