CFP: ACURIL 2019 Aruba – Call for Papers, Workshops, and Poster Presentations

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ACURIL 2019 ARUBA, 2-6 JUNE 2019

The Association of Caribbean University, Research and Institutional Libraries (ACURIL) is excited to announce that its 49th Conference to be held from June 2-9, 2019, on the happy island of Aruba, will focus on the Sustainable Development Goals ( SDG’s ) which are the framework of the UN 2030 agenda. Our conference theme is : Access and opportunity for all: Caribbean Libraries, Archives and Museums Supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
In September 2015 the member states of the United Nations (UN) adopted “Transforming our world: The 2030 agenda for sustainable development which includes Seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) spanning economic, environmental and social development. Caribbean librarians and other information professionals contribute to improved outcomes across the SDGs by promoting universal literacy, closing gaps in access to information, advancing digital inclusion, serving as the heart of the research and academic community and preserving and providing access to the world’s culture and heritage.”
Through dynamic presentations, poster sessions, workshops and the exhibitors fair, the 2019 ACURIL Conference seeks to:
1. Upgrade and expand the knowledge base of Caribbean librarians and other information professionals on the SDGs and the progress that has been made since the implementation of these goals in 2015.
2. Network and exchange information about “lessons learned” by presenting case studies and projects from a variety of Caribbean countries and language areas.
3. Provide a forum for discussion on Agenda 2030 and how to translate these goals into actionable initiatives for Caribbean libraries.
4. Develop policy recommendations for Caribbean governments on how to involve libraries in the achievement of the SDGs on a local level.


The ACURIL 2019 ARUBA Conference Programme Committee invites proposals for paper, workshop and poster presentations which explore the following Sub-themes:
1. Information services aimed at poverty alleviation and food security
Topics : Employment information services, Library services for the homeless, Drug prevention, Social inclusion, Sustainable agriculture, Nutrition information.
2. Promote literacy and lifelong learning
Topics : Literacy programs for all ages; Digital literacy programs for low-income residents, children, special needs population, immigrants, mobile library services, collaboration with local government and non-profit organizations to offer literacy programs, Makerspaces, literacy programs to support teaching, learning and research.
3. Libraries and sustainability
Topics : Green libraries, Heritage Libraries, Library programs aimed at awareness of climate change, energy/environmental conservation and resource management, Preservation of indigenous knowledge, Conservation, Recycling, institutional and other data repositories.
4. Libraries contributing to peaceful and just societies
Topics : Library services promoting peace, ethics, transparency and good governance; Public access to information; Intellectual Property Rights.
FOR ACURIL 2019 ARUBA we are including the following subtheme:
5. Integrated strategies to achieve multiple SDGs
Topics : Information services promoting sustained and inclusive economic growth, library projects promoting social development and environmental protection, programs which benefit all including women, children, youth and future generations.


Submission of Abstracts January 31, 2019
Notification of Acceptance February 28, 2019
Final paper due April 29, 2019
Should you have any questions about your submission, kindly contact :
Mrs. Monique Alberts Msc.
ACURIL President 2018-2019 and
Chair, Conference Programme Committee
Email address:


  • Each presenter will be given 20 minutes maximum to present her/his paper. It is recommended that presenters highlight key points and not read their paper.
  • 10 minutes will be allowed for questions and answers.
  • All presenters must prepare a full paper for inclusion in the conference proceedings. See guidelines below on how to submit a paper presentation proposal.
  • Proposal abstract must be presented in the English language. Translation will be made to Spanish and French.
  • Papers can be presented in any of the three official languages of ACURIL: English, Spanish or French.

Paper Proposals must include:

  • Title of paper
  • Abstract (200-500 words)
  • Name of the presenter (s)
  • Bio-data of presenter (s) (150 words)
  • Position/title of presenter (s)
  • Employer/Institutional affiliation (s)
  • E-mail address(es)
  • Telephone numbers
  • Necessary IT-Equipment

All paper proposal abstracts must be submitted no later than January 31, 2019.
Guidelines for Submission of Final Paper
Document Format:

  • For the final work, each presenter must provide one hard copy and one electronic format document of the presentation.
  • The electronic format document must be sent as a Microsoft Word (.doc) file along with the presentation slides and videos.
  • Title heading – Times New Roman 12pt, Bold, centered all caps
  • Sub-headings – Times New Roman 11pt, centere
  • Name and title, institutional affiliation, e-mail – Times Roman, 11pt, centered.
  • The abstract
  • Bibliography citation style: American Psychological Association (APA), 6th ed.

Final paper due on April 30, 2019


The purpose of the Workshop Presentation
The workshop presentations are intended to provide opportunities for delegates to exchange Case studies and projects related to one or more of the Sustainable Development Goals.
The workshop presentation must speak to one of the above mentioned sub-themes and must be practical, with hands on experience. In addition, presenters are encouraged to relate their workshops to the ACURIL Special Interest Groups or Content Area Roundtables.
Workshop Format
Workshop size will be limited to 25 participants so as to encourage interaction. Presenters are also encouraged, where suitable, to use a wide range of illustrative matter to support their workshop presentations. Workshops can be presented in any of the three official languages of ACURIL – English, French or Spanish.
Time devoted to the workshop: 1 hour including questions and answers.
How to submit a Workshop Presentation Proposal
Workshops can be presented in any of the three official languages of ACURIL – English, French or Spanish. Proposals may be submitted by e-mail or hard copy.
Proposals must include:

  • Workshop title
  • Abstract (200 – 500 words) with content related to one of the conference sub-themes
  • Name of presenter(s)
  • Bio-data of presenter (s) (150 words)
  • Position/title of presenter(s)
  • Employer/institutional affiliation
  • Mailing addresses
  • Telephone/fax numbers
  • E-mail(s)
  • Necessary IT-Equipment

Workshop presentation abstracts will be published in the final program.
Should you have any questions about your submission, kindly contact us.
All workshop abstracts must be submitted no later than January 31, 2019.

Mrs. Monique Alberts Msc.
ACURIL President 2018-2019 and
Chair, Conference Programme Committee
Email address:


What is a Poster Presentation?
The aim of the poster presentation is to provide opportunities for information professionals to highlight and share successful ideas and experiences by presenting a special project, a problem-solving strategy, a research study, an innovative program or service in a library and /or information services aligned to the conference theme.
A poster presentation is a good way to showcase your projects, or get feedback on an idea that has been implemented. The information will be on a poster board that allows viewers to walk by and observe a particular work being presented. All posters will be mounted at the ACURIL Posters Caribbean Boulevard in ACURIL 2019 ARUBA.
How to Submit a Poster Proposal Abstract
Poster presentations can be in any of the three official languages of ACURIL – English, Spanish or French.Proposals may be submitted by e-mail.
Proposals must include:

  • Poster presentation title (in relation to the conference theme)
  • Abstract (250 words)
  • Name of presenter(s)
  • Position/title of presenter(s)
  • Employer/institutional affiliation(s)
  • Mailing addresses
  • Telephone/fax numbers
  • E-mail
  • Skype

Poster presentations abstracts will be published in the final program.

  • Posters will be mounted in Oranjestad, Aruba from June 2-5 2019.
  • Poster presentations must address any of the sub-themes of the conference.
  • The poster display should include a statement of the theme or problem, objectives of the research, project or idea being presented, the methodology used to solve the problem or implement the program, the major findings or outcomes and their significance, conclusions, and at least 3 references (APA style, 6thedition).
  • An effective poster presentation must visually demonstrate the key elements or significant points of a theme, product or service related to the conference.
  • The dimensions of posters should be in vertical format: 2.6 feet wide x 3.3 feet high ; that is 31 x 40 inches.
  • Impressions may be in paper, from a Power-Point presentation or common poster characteristics.
  • Screen prints, charts, drawings, photographs, and other graphics along with text, to illustrate the presentation, are encouraged.
  • Lettering should be simple, bold, and easily legible from a distance of four feet.
  • Posters may be accompanied with hand-outs.
  • All materials to be displayed should be prepared before arrival. Supplies will not be available at the conference site.

Presenters are required to bring finished posters to Oranjestad, Aruba.
No electrical support or Internet connections are available in the poster area.
Should you have any questions about your submission, kindly contact:
Dr. Luisa Vigo-Cepeda, Coordinator, Caribbean Posters Boulevard /

All poster proposal abstracts must be submitted no later than January 31, 2019 to:
Mrs. Monique Alberts Msc.
ACURIL President 2018-2019 and
Chair, Conference Programme Committee
Email address:

Dr. Luisa Vigo-Cepeda, MSLS, MA, Ph.D.
ACURIL Caribbean Posters Boulevard
Cel. 787-612-9343
Skype: luisa.vigo