I'm now Chair of Digital Partnerships & Strategies; and UF is hiring for Head of Latin American & Caribbean Collections – Come work with us!

I’m now Chair of Digital Partnerships & Strategies, a new department. The Digital Partnerships & Strategies Department provides leadership for digital partnerships between the Smathers Libraries and partners across the university, regionally, nationally, and internationally. DP&S provides program development and manages program operations for Scholarly Communications, the LibraryPress@UF, and the Institutional Repository (IR@UF), ensuring alignment with the Smathers Libraries’ Strategic Directions and support for the Libraries’ collaborative partnerships, initiatives, and programs. This includes projects associated with the UF Digital Collections (UFDC), Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC), the IR@UF and other digital collections and scholarship efforts hosted at UF, including support for digital scholarly publishing.
This is incredibly joyous news for me because it means that I am fully aligned for maximum positive impact for my work (which is my calling). Walking in to work this morning, I felt an incredible sense of peace because the department and title align my work fully and position my work and the work of my team to be even more impactful in the coming years.
This means I’m now even more involved with projects and programs with the Latin American & Caribbean Collections.  And, we’re hiring!
UF is hiring for a new Head of Latin American & Caribbean Collections. This is a fantastic position with amazing collections, and amazing colleagues! One of the big projects underway right now is on Cuba, and I’m one of the UF project leads (coordinating so much good work!). Working with the Latin American & Caribbean Collections is core to the Digital Partnerships & Strategies Department, collaboration with the Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC), and so much other great work! I am excited to get to  closely collaborate with whoever is hired into this position.  Please apply, and please inquire if interested. The full job posting is online: http://library.ufl.edu/pers/documents/PVA_LACCHeadCuratorAugust_2018_.pdf
Also, please note that the Libraries do not require a Masters in Library/Information Science. I have a PhD and do not have an MLIS, and it has never been a problem. The Libraries are a positive community, committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Read the full posting, and I look forward to another fantastic colleague in the future!