New Issue: Caribbean Library Journal, dedicated to Sir Derek Walcott (Vol. 4, 2016)

Thanks to the ACURIL Blog for sharing on this! The full news from the ACURIL Blog is copied below for ease, and the Caribbean Library Journal is online and open access, so all should read!

CARIBBEAN LIBRARY JOURNAL: A Publication of the UWI University Libraries

From the Editorial
For Sir Derek Walcott. Thank you for the inspiration!
When I first started this editorial, Derek Walcott was alive and I was working with the theme Small is Beautiful, Small is Powerful particularly as this issue has a strong connection to St. Lucia. Walcott’s passing is a loss to all of the Caribbean and I want to take a paragraph or two of the editorial to reflect on his work and what this means for a Caribbean library journal. So permit me the space to write this editorial in 2 parts.
The Caribbean Library Journal (CLJ) is an online open access peer reviewed journal published by The University of the West Indies. This medium provides a forum for information professionals in the Caribbean and those who work with Caribbean materials globally to discuss their work, share ideas and experiences. The CLJ is published annually and contributors are invited to submit new scholarly works such as academic essays, book reviews and research reports.The Editors are also interested in publications which incorporate Web 2.0 tools, videos and other innovative pieces.
The Journal provides open access to all its contents on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports greater global exchange of knowledge. Such access facilitates increased readership and greater citation opportunities for authors.
The Journal comprises a wide selection of professionals from the Campuses of The University of the West Indies. This Board is ably supported by a number of regional and international reviewers.
Managing Editors

Lorraine Nero
Special Collections Librarian, The Alma Jordan Library, St. Augustine Campus
Frank Soodeen
Campus Librarian, The Alma Jordan Library, St. Augustine Campus
Editorial Board

Valerie Clarke
Head, Learning Resource Center, Cave Hill Campus
Liaison Librarian, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Cave Hill Campus
Jennine Knight
Librarian/Cataloguer, Main Library, Cave Hill Campus
Jessica C. Lewis
Librarian, Mona Information Literacy Unit, Main Library, Mona Campus
Tanya Manassi
Special Collections Librarian, Main Library, Mona Campus
Nadine Manraj-Newman
Head/Librarian, Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social and Economic Studies (SALISES) Documentation Centre, Mona Campus
Faith Mc-Koy Johnson
Librarian, Medical Branch Library, Mona Campus
Dunstan Newman
Preservation and Conservation Librarian, Main Library, Mona Campus
Khemchandra Persadsingh
Information Technology Officer, The Alma Jordan Library, St. Augustine Campus
Kumaree Ramtahal
Faculty Liaison Librarian, Social Sciences, The Alma Jordan Library, St. Augustine Campus
Daisy St. Rose
Librarian, Open Campus- St. Lucia
Kisha Sawyers
Librarian, Caribbean Child Development Centre, Open Campus-Jamaica
Sandra Stubbs
Librarian, Western Jamaica Campus
Judith E. Toppin
Librarian, User Services, Main Library, Cave Hill Campus
Beverley Wood
Head, Cataloguing Department, Main Library, Cave Hill Campus
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