News: SobekCM Version 4.9.0 Released

Exciting news! SobekCM Version 4.9.0 has been released, and this is right before the start of the SobekCM Camp at FIU with participants from around the world, so soon loads of people will be utilizing the new features with the Rest API and all of the new features and functions.
The full announcement is below!

We are proud to announce the release of the latest version of the SobekCM open-source digital repository software. This version includes the addition of a robust web content system, useful for online exhibits, general announcements related to your digital collection, or documentation. This module is the largest single addition to the SobekCM system in the last five years, with more than 10 new administrative screens. In addition, all of the administrative and public pages are supported by the SobekCM Engine REST APIs. This makes this module the first to be supported 100% by the new architecture. As a result of this work, the architecture of the SobekCM Engine continued to evolve.
In addition to the web content work, several changes occurred to searching and browsing material, a new video viewer was added, and the system realize many small improvements. In addition, the efforts towards the cleanest code possible was continued and additional support for PostgreSQL and MySQL continued to be added. The ability to customize several messages, including the 404 missing page and no results pages was added. Finally, many community reported bugs have been corrected.
SobekCM releases are available here, as well as through GitHub and Sourceforge:
Sourceforge (digitally signed and protected MSIs):
GitHub (Daily Builds):
A complete list of changes appears below and is available online at
Web Content (Exhibits) Module
Changed the way the URL is parsed to the web content pages
Web Content Hierarchy is now stored in the engine application state
Web Content Hierarchy is now checked for any possible calls before aggregation call checks
Only web content pages in the database will function now
Added ability to set a redirect, so that a user hitting this page is redirected to another (internal or external) URL
New single page administration
Enabled online editing of the HTML, including image upload, similar to the aggregation-level static HTML pages
Added new internal header for logged on, permissioned users
Added usage statistics viewer for one page online
Added milestone/history viewer to see all the changes through time
Permissions viewer to see assigned rights for page online (currently admin and portal admins)
Management menu to access all the new single page admins screens
Admin view:
Allows all of the SEO metadata to be edited
Manage the display characteristics for the page
Associate the page with a web content navigation unit
View all the child pages
Bulk manage uploaded images and documents
New top level administration
View list of all pages and redirects
View usage statistics for all pages
View history of changes across all web content pages
Ability to add a new web content page
New REST API endpoints are used for all of this, both public and admin access
Video Item Viewer
Added new item viewer for MP4, OGG, and WEBM formats
Automatically added when those files are available for download
Includes ability to select the video to view if multiple
PostgreSQL and MySQL support
Engine agnostic layer pulled into its own class library
Resource object library database now uses this library for all database calls
Removed reference to old Microsoft.ApplicationBlocks.Data library
Fixed OAI-PMH saving error introduced with new support for PostgreSQL
Support for selecting MySQL as database type
General REST API endpoint / SobekCM Engine updates
General endpoints are now passed a debug flag, so debug eligibility can be defined at the microservice handler level
Fix for the IP restriction check when there are more than 3 IP ranges included
Engine config file and config reader updates
Config reader now reads BOTH the default and user config files and merges them
Now supports ClearAll and RemoveAll elements to clear what was previously loaded at any level
Documentation parts moved into an AutoDoc tag, and can now reside at the path level
IPs can be added in the user config to those standard ranges from the default config
Multiple verbs ( POST / PUT / DELETE )
A single endpoint can now map each verb differently, for REST API endpoints
Tested and implemented this new architecture with the web content endpoints
Error catching
Errors encountered by the client are now written to the trace route as well as re-thrown
If endpoint is not found, that is also written to the trace route
Searching Changes
New basic search type
Includes a checkbox to include full text in search (USF, Auraria, SOAS)
Updated the admin screens to include this and make the choice of basic searches more obvious
Seaching Fixes
Advanced search would return dark items in the search results list in certain situations – corrected stored procedure (UOC-7)
Corrected issue where simplified search used the wrong link ( i.e., advanced search where all terms hit the same field ) (USF/SOBEK-59)
Corrected issue where citation links were encoded incorrectly, which caused failure on diacritics (WOLF-35)
EXACT type searches (like when you click on a term in metadata browse) were not unicode compliant throughout (SOBEK-79)
Verified that temporal searching and faceting is working correctly from publication date
Geographic Support
Map Searching
Fixed map searching to correctly show the coordinates again, for all instances (AURARIA-21)
Corrected issue with two globe icons appearing in search results ( SOAS/SOBEK-32 )
Changed columns used when searching (see item level support below)
Map Browse
Corrected issue that thumbnails were not appearing in map browse (AURARIA-21)
Fix to allow map browsing at the top, ALL collection level
Item Level Support
Fixed issue showing the map view at the digital resource level without a search
Added new columns in database at item level for spatial footprint and distance, to replace the incorrectly named and populated Spatial_KML
When the create final citation stored procedure is called at the end of item save, the complete footprint is now calculated
Administrative Settings
Can now set the default map in the map search and map browse, or set to extent
Modified procedure to get aggregation information from the database to include geographic extent
Changes to Missing Page and No Results Pages
Missing Page
Customizable via a missing.html file at the top level of the web content folder for non-admins
Returns a 404 code for robots and search
For admins, a special screen is displayed that provides several possible actions:
Add a new web content page
Add a new aggregation alias
Add a new aggregation using the wizard
Add a new item
No Results Page ( WOLF-15 / AURARIA-22 )
Customizable via a noresults.html file at the top level of the web content folder
Several special tokens in that file allow the same functionality as before
Added fix for item count statistics where title count was incorrect on the date range search (UF)
Updated item count stats to allow users to change criteria and just get ALL items OR items with digital files, in addition to items that are milestone complete (SOAS-5)
Corrected tab direction on the usage reports
Corrected the styling on the private items report when more than one page of private titles
Buttons use correct styling
Number of titles displayed ( i.e., 1 – 20 of 45 matching titles ) now shown
Online Item Management
Image (JPEG) Upload
Thumbnails generated from uploaded JPEGs now
Large JPEGs are saved, converted to TIFF, and then smaller versions made.
Builder will then generate the JPEG2000s
When deleting a PDF in the online interface, the related text and thumbnail files are also deleted (SOBEK-52/USF)
Updated Rights Element – UF copyright statements edits tements edits
Updating the title on a single item Bib will also update the group title, unless it is a serial or newspaper type item
Quality Control
Updated issue for recently uploaded images not receiving their proper name in the QC, causing an exception on final save
Updated QC exception catching to work correctly and to email the error in when it occurs (WOLF-29)
Corrected issue deleting existing items (MBDA-14)
Builder Changes
Added more logging to the usage statistics builder module
Builder image derivative creation changes
Was not checking for JPEG2000 missing, only JPEGs. Now correctly checks JPEG2000s as well. (USF)
No longer copies the TIFF to a local temporary folder for processing. All processing happens in situ (SOBEK-51/81)
Added more logging to the copy to archive builder module
Code Cleanup
Documentation and Warnings
Update corrects hundreds of fairly inconsequential warnings due to incomplete XML documentation, unused variables, and other warnings. Only the SObekCM_Resource_Object is left. Also, ran the Resharper Code Cleanup routine against all the other libraries. Corrected many XML invalid comments.
Finished cleaning the web code and clearing nearly all the compilation (mostly documentation) warnings
Finished updating Builder_Library code for better documentation and cleaner, more conformant code with more comments and no warnings
Removed Aware JPEG2000 viewer and query string stuff
Removed an unnecessary call to tracking and history when showing the citation for an item for an item
Bug Fixes
Fix for editing the home page text, now that child aggregations are included in the ALL
Corrected issue where the host administrator check box was not saving to the database during user administration
Corrected issue preventing user group changes from correctly saving (SOBEK-66/SOAS)
Printing citation online now works correctly again (WOLF-34)
Corrected HTML facet link for donors in the citation – ( donor ) was messing it up (WOLF-30)
Corrected issue that DARK items were a little too resilient in loading downloads and images and were semi-accessible via the TOC (UOC-8)
Verified that downloads with accents works just fine throughout the system (SOBEK-47)
Check for null and check for existence of viewer behavior. Was causing a strange null error.
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