SobekCM Code Camp 2015 : October 5th and 6th in Miami

SobekCM Florida Code Camp 2015The first SobekCM Code Camp has been announced and the full schedule and registration information are online: !  This will be a two-day event on October 5-6, 2015 at Florida International University in Miami, Florida.  The camp will be a great time to share information about the system, recent and ongoing changes, and collaborate to help improve the system for all institutions using it!  There will be plenty of opportunity for both hands-on exercises as well as collecting requirements and suggestions from the larger user base.
Registration for this event is absolutely free and spots are still available!  Click here to register for the code camp.
In general, the first day will be a bit more technical but is recommended for all power users, covering installation, configuration, the new REST/API-based architecture, and the new builder architecture.  This information should be helpful for all power users or those looking to extend or modify the default functionality of the system.  The second day focuses on metadata, including ability to customize the experience of online submittal and edits and a discussion of metadata mapping and improvements for documentation.  There are a number of open sessions on Tuesday afternoon which will be scheduled as a group late Monday afternoon to allow flexibility to ensure the needs of all attendees are met.  Finally, on Tuesday afternoon, the full group will discuss ongoing and upcoming projects in a round table discussion.
Click here to view the full schedule.
If you have any questions, need more information, or encounter any problems registering, please contact us at info@sobekdigital.
This code camp is co-sponsored and hosted by the Florida International University Libraries and Sobek Digital Hosting & Consulting, LLC.