Comment to Designing and Governing Library Collaborations

My comment for Designing and Governing Library Collaborations from Ithaka S+R is in moderation, so I’m posting it here as well because this is an important topic and area for further research and ongoing discussion.
Comment to  Designing and Governing Library Collaborations from Ithaka S+R:

The University of Florida Libraries have a long-standing history of collaboration for the collection and preservation of Caribbean materials, including being designated as such under the Farmington Plan. UF is also one of the founding partners of the Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC,, which is a collaborative, multi-lingual, digital library for preservation, access, and community of practice and capacity building. dLOC draws on traditions which include the Farmington Plan, and began with a strong governance model in 2004 that defined shared responsibilities and commitments among all partners. dLOC now has over 39 partners and over 2 million pages of all types of content online as open access and preserved for long-term digital preservation. People involved with dLOC partners and many others have written about dLOC. Some of the presentations and publications are listed here:
Also, I’m happy to help provide other information or referrals to others if more on the dLOC model is of interest.
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Laurie N. Taylor, Digital Scholarship Librarian/UF & dLOC Technical Director,