UF IT Report, Featuring MassMine and Aaron Beveridge, PhD Student in English

I’m so excited to see the University of Florida’s 2015-2020 STRATEGIC GOALS FOR IT: One IT for the GatorGood Information Technology with Aaron Beveridge, PhD Student in English, who is one of the co-creators of the MassMine Open Source Software which was recently awarded an NEH Digital Humanities Start-Up Grant. As Aaron notes of UF’s amazing Research Computing group:

I have worked closely with Research Computing at UF to move our open source data mining software from a small server in my home to the cloud server space that Research Computing set up specifically for data projects similar to ours. RC’s cloud servers have drastically increased the types and amount of data we can mine. I collaborate closely with graduate students from other universities, and the access to advanced cloud computing resources at UF is second to none.

Go UF Research Computing! Go Gator IT!