UF Resources: Learning Python and GitHub (thanks to Mindy McAdams!)

Thanks to Mindy McAdams, UF College of Journalism & Communications, for sharing these wonderful resources by Mindy McAdams for teaching and learning GitHub and Python:
GitHub tutorials

Python PPTs

The UF Digital Humanities Working Group, UF Digital Humanities Library Group, and other DH and non-DH groups have been discussing the need for more trainings and supports on technologies. Specific areas identified as being needed include Python and GitHub, so these resources are spot-on with current needs in the Humanities and across campus.
In addition to sharing great resources like these, many folks at UF are planning new in-person trainings and workshop events, including Data Carpentry, Training Camps/Training Bouquets,  training sessions on specific tools and technologies like Arduino trainings in the Marston Science Library, and more. It’s an exciting time to be at UF, to be developing and participating in trainings, and to see the growing connections across communities at UF with shared research tools and needs across and among so many colleges, fields, and areas!