UF Research Computing Day (Tuesday, September 23, 2014)

The announcement below is by Erik Deumens, Director of Research Computing and a wonderful colleague, and was published in the UF Faculty Update Newsletter.

UF Research Computing Day – Tuesday, September 23, 2014
Fall 2014 RCDay will focus on using IBM PureData Analytics.  UF recently received a donation from IBM of a PureData Analytics (PDA) system.  The system, installed in the East Campus Data Center this summer, is now live.  IT Staff, as well as research faculty and their lab staff, may register for the event.  The Agenda and registration link is on UFIT News: http://news.it.ufl.edu/research/puredata-focus-at-research-computing-day/

The UFIT Update newsletter (linked above and copied below) provides additional details.

PureData Focus at Research Computing Day

IBM Pure Data Graphic

The University of Florida is pleased to announce the donation by IBM of aPureData Analytics (PDA) system. The system, installed in the East Campus Data Center this summer, is now ready for use by the UF community. Fall 2014 RCDay is focused on utilizing the IBM PDA to enhance support for research and education on BIG DATA and high-performance data analytics (HPDA). Register for Fall RC Day by emailing UFIT Communications.
Fall Research Computing Day
Tuesday, September 23, from 12:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Smathers Library Room 100

12:00 Lunch Opens
12:30 Opening Remarks (VP & CIO Elias Eldayrie)
12:45 IBM PureData Analytics System Donation (Rob Thomas/David Marques, IBM)
01:00 IBM PureData Analytics System Description (Erik Deumens/Jon Akers, UF)
01:30 Q&A
01:40 Healthcare & Life Sciences – BIGDATA and Analytics (Sri Srinivasan, IBM)
02:20 Q&A
02:30 IBM PureData Analytics Using the System (Stephen Powell, IBM)
03:00 Q&A
03:10 Biocomputing at UF on the IBM PDA (Matt Gitzendanner, UF)
03:30 Open Discussion
04:00 Closing Remarks
The IBM PureData system is managed by UF Research Computing. Contact info@rc.ufl.edu for inquiries about research data storage, high-performance computing, high-performance data analytics, consulting, and high-performance data transfers.