New Issue of the Archive Journal (

Archive JournalThe Archive Journal  ( has a new issue on “Publishing the Archive.”  The issue is a collaboration with Anvil Academic and issue guest editor, Fred Moody, has written of the experience on Anvil Academic’s website. The posting is a great read and includes a mention of EBCDIC, which always seems like it should come up more often in scholarly articles.
The issue includes an article by State of Florida colleagues at the University of Central Florida on Early American writings in the Charles Brockden Brown Electronic Archive, and many other great articles.
In addition to the great articles, the Archive Journal has innovative formats, like “360°: Analysis and Discussion in the Round” where multiple folks answer a set of shared questions on the topic.  Questions in this most recent issue are on the topic of “(Re)Presenting the Archive” and the questions are:

  1. Is digital representation of archival materials making print representation obsolete? Are there specific ways you see the two working in tandem? Read the Responses
  2. To what extent do previous representations (such as editions) of the archives with which you work – or the lack thereof – affect new representations of them? Read the Responses 
  3. How do you reconcile originality or creativity with values and practices often central to archival representation such as “authentic” or “faithful” representations of source materials and respect des fonds? Read the Responses 
  4. What do recent developments in archival representation mean for the use of specific archives in teaching and public engagement? Read the Responses
  5. How do digital representations of archival materials change our perceptions of those materials, and in particular, aspects of those materials not considered previously editable or archivable? Read the Responses