Game Day by UF Students: April 21, 12-4pm, Game Day Open House by students from the Artificial Intelligence for Computer Games and Theory & Practice of Multimedia Production

This is always an exciting event with great work by UF students. The announcement below is from Douglas D. Dankel.

On Monday April 21 from 12 noon-4 p.m. students from the Artificial Intelligence for Computer Games and Theory & Practice of Multimedia Production host the 9th Annual “Game Day” open house to demonstrate computer games they have developed this semester. This event will be held in the hallway on the ground floor of the CSE building on the UF campus.
The games developed this year include:

  • Battlesnake Deathmatch: A 3D action game in which 1-4 players go head-to-head in high speed pursuit of power ups in order to sabotage each other. This game draws inspiration from classics Snake and Tron, as well as Nintendo’s Super Mario Galaxy.
  • Cat-tastrophe: Help a lost kitty fight its way through waves of enemies and find its way home in this side-scrolling fighting game.
  • Deep Blue: An infinite side-scroller that takes place underwater, where the player has to defeat an increasing onslaught of various obstacles and marine life in order to survive.
  • Greece Lightning: Hades has risen from the underworld again … and he’s not alone. You, Zeus, must clash with him and his army from the underworld and protect the citizens of Greece before Hades’ army steals enough souls to unleash his deadliest weapon … the dragon of the underworld.
  • Dungeonesque is an action RPG inspired by games such as Diablo and Path of Exile that takes place in the universe of Starcraft. Fight alongside your friends to escape from a dungeon filled with otherworldly horrors and powerful bosses as you make your way towards freedom.
  • Gy-roll is a simple survival game where the player tries to avoid turret lasers for as long as possible. Think you got what it takes? Play on PC with your arrow keys, or on your mobile smartphone with tilt.
  • Hysteria: A multiplayer Garry’s Mod game. Can you determine who are infected before they kill you.
  • Order up! Train your Waiters, Chefs and Managers through various challenging minigames to distinguish yourself as the best 5 star restaurant in the city!
  • Origin: Immerse yourself into a tale of Origin. As you explore this dangerous world, you must adapt to survive.
  • State of Mind: A PC-based survival puzzle game. The game features a man traversing through mazes and puzzles while trying to reach his sick daughter.
  • Survival of the Ducklings: Two dimensional vertical scrolling game. Play as a mother duck who protects her ducklings by avoiding various obstacles and unknown predators of the lake.
  • Tower of Infinity: A mind-numbingly difficult, rogue-like, first person, fantasy role playing game that you WILL NOT survive.
  • The Maze Game: Your computer needs you. Enter a 2D world to travel through complex mazes eluding guards, avoiding scanners, and collecting code injections to save your system.
  • Requiem of Synesthesia: A man, torn by the conflicting demands of career and family, finds himself in a precarious situation and is forced to make a life changing decision.
  • Vinculum: Calm, quiet, and eerily unpleasant, Vinculum is shrouded in uncertainty. Unveil the truth to save your friend, your career, your pride… or die trying.