Looking forward to the MLA 2014 Convention and Chicago Humanities Summit!

I’m looking forward to the MLA 2014 Convention and the Chicago Humanities Summit next week!
In addition to so many great panels (see the full program online) and awesome events like those from the Electronic Literature Organization (ELO) with the exhibit “Pathfinders: Documenting the Experience of Early Digital Literature”  and an off-site e-lit reading at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago on Friday at 8pm, I’m most excited to see friends and colleagues. With next week also the first week of the spring semester at UF and with much activity related to that,  I’m not nearly as connected or in communication with folks as I’d like to be, so I’m posting this now to remind myself that I need to focus on contacting folks to ensure I see them, if possible, in addition to figuring out which panels to attend. I hope to see lots of folks at the MLA Awards Ceremony and reception on Saturday night.
I also just saw the MLA’s posting “Developing New Book Projects on MLA Commons. At MLA, I hope to get the chance to hear about book projects that might fit for this (including book projects that aren’t/weren’t ideal for print-versions but that are of great interest). For instance, I’ve spoken with a scholar-colleague-friend who wants to write a book on an important Caribbean author from the Caribbean, but who thought (at our last conversation) that the author is not big enough (or not yet) for the market to justify a book focused on the author, even though it would be great for the field.  I’m hoping to hear about more examples like this one, and to hearing if/how MLA Commons might be a good fit for this.