UF is wonderful, morning photo

University of Florida, Century Tower and the Plaza of the Americas, Oct. 25, 2013, early morning With working on data management, data curation, Digital Humanities, and more, I often have a lot of work to do. This normally means time well spent with working with great people on great work (like the fully and freely available materials and tools with the Digital Library of the Caribbean or dLOC and UF Digital Collections, with curating and making research data publicly accessible, working on making other digital and public scholarship freely accessible for the world, and similar), with work often done in meetings and focused on something on a computer screen. With great work and great colleagues, there are also great things to be seen, like when the sunlight starts to lighten the sky over the University of Florida’s Century Tower and the Plaza of the Americas, as in the photo here. I love the work that I do as part of UF (a comprehensive public, land-grant) in the UF Libraries (the largest information network in the State of Florida), and I love mornings like today on UF’s campus.