News: Practices in the Digital Humanities, Book Series

The information below is from the digitalculturebooks (University of Michigan Press) website. This is the digitalculturebooks page, with the text also copied below for ease.

Practices in the Digital Humanities
Series Editor
Liza Potts, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Digital Humanities
Director of User Experience Projects, MATRIX
Senior Researcher, WIDE Research
Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI
Series Associate Editor
Kathie Gossett, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Digital Humanities
Affiliated Faculty, MATRIX
Iowa State University, Ames, IA
Series Goals
This book series is focused on the practices of the digital humanities by providing best practices, models, case studies, and examples of how to build to standards, architect experiences, manage systems, and manage projects. Bringing together experts from across the digital humanities, this series will be written by digital humanities scholars for digital humanities scholars. This series will also provide digital humanities graduate students with a much-needed source for the practice of digital humanities. This book series will fill a major need for books on practice from the digital humanities perspective by providing specific examples of how to design, develop, and maintain digital humanities projects.
Proposed Subjects and Topics
For this series, we have identified some initial topics. This list is in no way comprehensive; we encourage you to propose books outside of the topics below if they relate to practices in the digital humanities.

  • Building archives using various tools and techniques
  • Architecting user experiences for various audiences (scholars, students, publics)
  • Tracing digital culture and social media
  • Managing projects, budgets, and expectations
  • Mobile application design and development
  • Systems administration for large-scale and small-scale projects
  • Sustainability and maintainability of digital projects
  • Open source policies and challenges
  • Copyright and intellectual property
  • Implementing tools and policies for digital scholarly publishing
  • Building networked communities, followers, and fans
  • Designing database structures
  • Alt-Ac Voices

For more information about this series, or to submit a proposal please contact the Editorial Director Aaron McCollough at