Congratulations to Matt Mariner & All of the New Internet Archive Tumblr Residents

The Internet Archive Tumblr Residents have been announced on the Internet Archive Tumblr, and one of the residents is Matthew Mariner (@matt_mariner), formerly from UF and now at Auraria Library, UC-Denver and a great colleague. The full announcement from the Internet Archive Tumblr is below.
Congratulations to Matt Mariner and to the other Internet Archive Tumblr Residents!

Announcing Our Internet Archive Tumblr Residents!

We’re super proud to announce our digital residents. It’s a very diverse crowd, from library scientists, media collectives, blogging celebrities, and up and coming net-natives. Here’s the list!
A. J. Patrick Liszkiewicz, Adam Ferriss, Ameen Mettawa, Angela C. Smith, Ann Webb, Anthony Antonellis, Ben Baker-Smith, Ben Valentine, Brad Grammar, Caden Lovelace, Chelsea Gunn, Chris Markman, Christine Lusey, Daniel Rehn and Sarah Caluag, David Schulman, Denise Chavez, Devin Kenny, Dorothy Santos, Eduardo Crespo, Erin Harvey, Foomandoonian, Gijsbert Wouter Wahl, Guilherme Pangnotta, Huseyin Kishi, Jamie Allen, Jeff Thompson, Jefferson Bailey, Jennifer Chan, Joe Bernardi, Kalli Mathios, Kelly Kietur, Laura Grover, Levi Bruce, Louise Barry, Madison Curry, Maria N. Lin, Mary Bond, Matthew Mariner, Matthew Terrell, Meghan Ferriter, Molly Soda, Morgan Spry-Young, Nick Kegeyan, Nikos Al. Vogiatzis, Okkult Motion Pictures (Alessandro Scali and Marco Calabrese), Manett, Sam Siskind, Scott Reed, Sonya Dyer, Steven Ovadia, Tammy Pretorius, and Zak Loyd.
They’re all busy as bees cementing their project goals and starting their research. Stay tuned and follow for more updates about the schedule and to catch their work as it starts going up.
I hope you’re as excited as we are!