News: New version of SobekCM METS Editor ( version 1.1.0 )

News: The new version (1.1.0) has been released of the METS Editor and can be downloaded here: 
The new version includes the following changes and bug fixes:

  • Corrected issue with the slash being the wrong way for files which appear in subfolders in the fileSec ( i.e., “xlink:href=”106_105\01\105_01-01.tif” is now correctly “xlink:href=”106_105/01/105_01-01.tif” )
  • Corrected the mapping of genre when importing from spreadsheets. Was a genre SUBJECT term, rather than a top-level genre element
  • Corrected issue which prevented saving to Microsoft Excel files after batch METS file creation
  • Updated MARC21 reading/writing libraries to latest code, which is much more resilient when something unexpected occurs
  • Added the following new mappings to the spreadsheet importer
    • Alternate Title (Language)
    • Classification
    • Classification (Authority)
    • Creator (Dates)
    • Creator (Family Name)
    • Creator (Given Name)
    • Creator (Role)
    • Genre (Authority)
    • Identifier (Type)
    • Related URL (Label)
    • Related URL (Link)
    • Related URL (Note)
    • Subject Keyword (Authority)
    • Title (Language)
    • Viewer (for use with SobekCM repositories only)
    • Webskin (for use with SobekCM repositories only)
  • Updated the code surrounding projects (.pmets) as default metadata so it now works correctly.
  • Updated the SobekCM Resource Object at the core of this application to include all the recent enhancements and modifications for the SobekCM web repository

About SobekCM
SobekCM is released as open source software under the GNU GPL license and can be downloaded from the SobekCM Software Download Site:  To learn more about the technologies, please visit the SobekCM page: