I was traveling for a bit last week and so didn’t get to share my incredible excitement about the official opening of the new UF Data Center and the official opening for HiPerGator! This is great news for everyone at UF in all fields and for the world-wide needs that UF research, teaching, and service support.
HiPerGator is the newest UF supercomputer, and HiPerGator lives in the new UF Data Center. There’s a ton of information out already with this news release and video on HiPerGator, the HiPerGator FAQ sheet, and loads of information, including contact information and information on upcoming classes and trainings, on the main UF Research Computing site. Importantly, the next training is this week, on Tuesday, May 14 from 1-2pm (more information).
For more, there are nearly a dozen videos highlighting the important work done by UF’s Research Computing and collaborators in the libraries and many different fields. I highly recommend (and, of course, this is my bias) the videos with Leah Rosenberg which focuses heavily on the Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC) and international collaboration, Sophia Krzys Acord and the Humanities, and Laurie Taylor (me) on digital libraries.
I’m so excited about HiPerGator and the new UF Data Center for all the possibilities it will bring and all the good and great work I know it will support! At the most recent UF Research Computing Day, I believe Elias Elydayrie said “It’s great to be a Florida Gator Researcher” and I completely agree.  I’d love to see that slogan around campus in the same way that UF has been celebrating the role of being a comprehensive public, land-grant with posts proclaiming Land Grant as “Land Grand”.