UF Event: 8th Annual Game Day

The news below is from UF’s Doug Dankel on games produced by students for two classes this semester.
On Monday April 22 from noon-3 p.m. students from CAP 4053 (Artificial Intelligence in Computer Games) and CAP 3020 (Theory & Practice of Multimedia Production) host the 8th Annual [UF] “Game Day” open house to demonstrate computer games they have developed this semester. This event will be held in the hallway on 1st floor of CSE on the University of Florida’s campus.
The games developed this year include:
Amphibian Dominion: Take part in Alabaster’s quest to regain his kingdom. Immerse yourself in rich environments ranging from deserts to dark forests as Alabaster vanquishes foes with his realm-shattering shout.
ANT-TD: ANT-TD is a tower defense game where the user must protect their home base tower from oncoming torments of ants. Featuring a cast of different types of ants such as the red ant and carpenter ant with a diverse set of abilities, the player must construct towers to combat the onslaught. The player can add towers, build mazes, upgrade towers, and even, attack the enemy ants with an army of their own in this endless, classic tower defense.
Dream: You play the game as a person locked in the mysterious Dream Prison. Your character must navigate through the surreal maze-like dream world, which is separated by a number of colors which he must learn to harness and make progress. While trying to figure out this colorful puzzle, he must also avoid the evil Dacoits, which chase him through this dream prison, all while trying to figure the way out and escape back to the real world.
The Foundling: Play as Oliver, a foundling living in Victorian London, searching for clues to his parent’s whereabouts. Solve puzzles, answer riddles, and question suspects to uncover the secrets of a mysterious order. The game is afoot!
Grumpy Cat: Grumpy Cats is a multi-platform tower defense game in the tradition of Plants vs. Zombies. The player is assaulted by a horde of cats of varying degrees of grumpiness and must control the Angry Cat Lady and her squirt gun to defeat the feline onslaught. Each defeated cat drops whiskers, which may be used to purchase traps which increase the player’s cat slaying capabilities.
Lincoln High: Lincoln High is a “top-down” high school simulator game. Make up for all those mistakes you made the first time around and live the high school experience that YOU choose.
Lua Wars: Lua Wars is an exciting and educational Real-Time Strategy game, similar in some ways to StarCraft, where the players win by writing computer programs to control their troops on the battlefield.
Marc McCloud’s Mighty Mission: Explore a universe of friendship, puzzles, and adventure. A heartfelt comedy about burritos, big heads (literally), and the bond between an astronaut and his best friend.
Papercuts: Snip your way through the world of Papercuts as Rip, a box-headed boy, to defeat the menacing Paper Witch. Solve puzzles, to save your family and yourself from peril. Don’t forget your scissors.
Perspective: Perspective is a challenging adventure in which our hero must manipulate the dimensions around him to reach his home. Zen, our robotic protagonist, must endure through many different puzzles, that require him to switch between a 3D and 2D perspective. Zen needs to get home, and time is running out – are you clever enough to save the day?
Quantum Chaos: Join Robert as he embarks on an adventure in a strange world ruled by chaos and quantum physics. Aided by the famous Dr. Schrodinger, Robert must solve puzzles to restore order to the physics-based worlds torn asunder by Schrodinger’s vengeful cat.
R2PG: R2PG is an RPG game with a fighting system based on executing move combos (strings of punches, kicks, and special attacks) in real-time. The player plays the role of a boy who recently obtained a robot. The boy must train his robot to fight other robots as he ventures to become the best trainer in the land.
Rouge: Rouge is a dungeon-crawler game where the player explores a starting planet and fights creatures that roam around to level up, and eventually leave the planet to explore the galaxy. The planets, maps, creatures, items, and elements are randomly generated, so each game will be a unique experience.
SAVE CISE TD: SAVE CISE TD is a tower defense game set in the Spring semester of 2012 at the University of Florida. It is a playful take on real events that took place on campus during that semester. The goal is to protect the budget of UF’s CISE department from waves of bureaucrats, administrators, and politicians who intend to cut the department’s budget and maybe even close the entire department if they’re allowed to get their way.
Slow Foe: A fast pace multiplayer game of eat or be eaten. Try to become the biggest or die trying. Play as a slime as you try to be become the king of the slimes.
Snakes on a Plain: Some strange species of snakes have invaded your farm. Attack their heads to kill them, but watch out for their bodies; they’ll split into two snakes if you miss! Can you beat all the levels?
Synesthesia: Synesthesia tries to combine two of our most important senses, sight and sense of hearing, to try and familiarize player’s with music and the ability to identify notes. We aim to use the principle of reinforcement learning to achieve this goal. Combining education and gaming to create the next Mozarts of our generation.
Transience: Transience is a game where the main character (a good alien) is attempting to escape a spaceship (filled with bad aliens) using his power of phasing into different dimensions (he changes color and is no longer affected by physics: gravity, objects in his way, wind resistance, etc). It is a 2D platformer game where the player attempts to reach goal points and avoids enemies.
I encourage you to attend and see what the students have created.