News: UF IT – UF Apps Pilot Program Launched

The news below is from the UFIT News.

“UF Apps” Pilot Program Launched

March 12, 2013

UF Apps

With the UFApps pilot program, students can now access software available in campus labs from anywhere…for free. Using UFApps on a laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone is easy! Plus, downloading the free application needed to participate in UF Apps takes only seconds to complete.
UFApps currently has 28 software programs available, including MS Office 2010, popular statistical software, and AutoCAD 2013. Students can also request a new app be added to the pilot program.
Some of the benefits of UFApps include:
1. Access to programs without having to purchase them
2. Compatibility with any device/platform (PC, Mac, Android, iOS)
3. Convenience of working from any location
4. Save on traveling time to and from computer labs
5. No worrying about transportation/late night safety issues
The UFApps pilot is funded by the Student Tech Fee, and will run until June 30, 2014. If UF Apps is considered successful by students then the pilot program will be expanded, allowing for more concurrent usage. (Meaning, more students would be able to use the same licensed software simultaneously.) Program usage and student feedback will be monitored to determine if an expansion of the pilot program is needed.
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