White House, Office of Science and Technology Policy, Increasing Access to the Results of Federally Funded Scientific Research

The Policy Memo from the White House is no longer brand new news, but it’s so very important that I wanted to take the time and make a note of it. I’m stealing time from working on the data management and Open Access work at UF, including supporting the Institutional Repository @ UF and the Data Management/Curation Task Force at UF, to write this note on the Policy Memo.
As with UF’s world-class Research Computing infrastructure, UF does a great deal of work in support of Open Access. This can be rather complicated given that UF is a comprehensive public, land-grant, sea grant, and space grant institution with so much research done for so long. UF takes the complications in stride with so many of us at UF working to support Open Access in all forms including current and legacy research publications and data as well as  other research-related materials and new forms of digital scholarship being born-digital and Open Access. The Policy Memo from the White House strengthens and enables this work, and so it’s wonderful news and well worth taking time to note by writing about it and being thankful for it!