UF News: New Research Computing Site

The UF IT News announced the New Research Computing site:

The 2011 expansion of UFIT’s Research Computing Department led to the recent redesign of its Web site. The updated site now includes more content about services, an updated “look and feel” that matches UF’s homepage design, and better site security.
“Our users provided a lot of input, and helped guide the design and content of the new site,” said Erik Deumens, Director of Research Computing and the High Performance Computing (HPC) Center. “We are always looking for input on new services that our researchers would like to see, and we welcome their suggestions.”
The site should be easier to navigate for UF’s research community, with new features like an alerts panel and expanded sections on proposal support and services pricing. Security improvements include a new single sign-on page. When entering their password to access special Wiki pages and the bugzilla ticket-reporting system, users will see the new Web site framework, reconfirming that they’re working within the Research Computing Web server.
The official URL is now http://www.researchcomputing.ufl.edu/, but http://www.hpc.ufl.edu will be maintained forever. To help with the transition, some of the more popular links from the old site are mapped to the new site, so bookmarks should still work. Please email Research Computing with any suggestions you may have about the new site.

This is great news and shows UF’s commitment and incredible support for research computing, scholarly cyberinfrastructure, and all needs for research in the age of “big data”. In addition to the new site, Research Computing is one of the groups collaborating on the UF Data Management/Curation Task Force to ensure optimal socio-technical supports for research data needs.