News: MLA Commons

This great news is from the Modern Language Association (MLA):

The MLA will launch its new scholarly communication platform, MLA Commons, at the 2013 convention in Boston. Designed to facilitate active member-to-member communication, MLA Commons will support the work of divisions and discussion groups, offer a platform for the publication of scholarship in new formats, and much more. The Committee on Information Technology and others are now testing an alpha version of the Commons. To join them in helping us build this new community, please contact the office of scholarly communication and ask to be included in the alpha testing. To learn more about the Commons, visit the Exhibit Hall Theater in the Hynes Convention Center at 10:30 a.m. on 4 January for a live presentation of the platform. In addition, volunteers will be available in the registration area throughout the convention to demonstrate the platform’s function and to assist with account activation.