Academic Humor Sites

These may not be to everyone’s interests, but I find Academic Tim Gunn and #WhatShouldWeCallGraduateSchool to be humorous sites on academic life. They’ve now entered my regular reader-reading along with xkcd and others.
Between many meetings and piles of paperwork that I currently seem unable to make smaller, these sites make me smile a little bit more. I’m posting in hopes that they might do the same for someone else as well. To be clear, it is smiling more. Being almost overwhelmed with work doesn’t mean I’m not already smiling, because I am. I believe in and love the work that I get to do, and I love seeing the positive benefits of that work. Sometimes, it’s just also nice to smile about how much work there is to do and about some of the funny aspects of academic culture and life (including punctuation, shared frustration when things that should work don’t work, when some folks feel there can be too much talk about work, editing, and more).