MARC Library ( SobekCM ), a C# MARC Record Implementation

The MARC Library (SobekCM) is a C# library that contains classes for working in memory with MARC records:

This allows records to be read from MARCXML and MARC21 formats. Once in memory any field or subfield can be edited, added, or deleted. Then the record can be queried or saved again in either a MarcXML or Marc21 file format.

  • Ability to read MARC records into memory from a Marc21 or MarcXML file or stream
  • Ability to manipulate the MARC record in memory
  • Ability to save the record to a Marc21 or MarcXML file
  • (UPCOMING) Plan to add Z39.50 ability into this library

The MARC Library (SobekCM) evolved out of the need for this functionality to support the UF Digital Collections (UFDC) and Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC), which are powered by the SobekCM software. Mark V. Sullivan, creator of the SobekCM software and the MARC Library (SobekCM) received many queries for other projects about MARC support and processing and so has now released the MARC Library (SobekCM) as open source along with the other SobekCM software.
Download the software from SourceForge:

This is another great contribution to shared digital library, digital asset management, and digital scholarship support.
Note added on 3/13: Mark has written more about this on his blog.