Google Scholar Citations

It’s been years (too many) since I’ve updated my website or my web presence online. In trying to catch up, I just noticed Google Scholar Citations (more from the Google Scholar Blog). I hadn’t heard about this before so I don’t know if that means this is still new to everyone with it being openly released in November 2011, that I’m more terribly behind than I realized and it’s already old to everyone, it isn’t very useful (in which case my newly made public profile could be awkward), or something else.
From my brief use of Google Scholar Citations thus far, it looks a little limited in current functionality. But, much more importantly, it looks as though it has real potential to help with citation count management, institutional reporting and tracking needs, and name authority work in terms of name disambiguation.
Update: in clicking around a bit more, Google Scholar Citations allows for searching by verified author profiles which shows that this is being well used and I’m more behind than I thought (New Year’s resolution time to try to be less behind).