UFDC/SobekCM Tracking System

The UF Digital Collections System, SobekCM, is always being enhanced to better meet user and internal needs.
Normally the vast majority of time is spent on the user side because user support is the priority. With dozens of partners who use the online and locally installed tools to manage their digitization work and to contribute digitized items to the collaborative digital collections hosted on SobekCM, user support also includes many of the internal tools.
Most recently, however, the very-internal users received a major boost in support through the addition of a tracking system within SobekCM. Before, we had a legacy tracking system that was riddled with problems, couldn’t generate reports, and wouldn’t track the location of physical materials among other problems. Now, that legacy system is gone and it’s been replaced with tracking functionality within SobekCM. This tracking functionality includes tracking milestones, a work log for all work, reports, private/public flags, born digital/analog flags, internal notes, ticklers, internal fields on physical box location for item tracking during production, and more. It’s fabulous and there’s more on it here: http://ufdc.ufl.edu/sobekcm/tracking
Ideas, feedback, and suggestions are always welcome.