UFDC: Print, Send, Save/Add, and Share

The UF Digital Collections (UFDC) now allows users who log in to:

  • Send an item to a friend via email
  • Save an item to your bookshelf and add user comments to the item (comments are not displayed to others on the item, but will show within your bookshelf)
  • Save a search, or browse to your favorite searches
  • Share an item (via Facebook, Twitter, DIGG, StumbleUpon, Yahoo, Yahoo Buzz, Google Bookmarks, Browser favorites)
  • Manage your bookshelves and saved searches through the myUFDC home page

Details for Print, Send, Save/Add, and Share:

From the UF Digital Collections, users can Print, Send, Save/Add, and Share collections, items, and searches.


Clicking the Print button simply prints collection and search pages. For items, users can choose to print:

  • Citation only
  • Thumbnails
  • Current page (prints page as displayed for zoomed views)
  • All pages
  • A range of pages


The Share button allows users to share the collection, item, and search using Facebook, Twitter, DIGG, StumbleUpon, Yahoo, Yahoo Buzz, Google Bookmarks, and Browser favorites.


The Send button allows users to send an email with the current collection, item, or search.  The Send button is only active when users are logged in (users can log in using Gatorlink or myUFDC for those without Gatorlink accounts).


The Save/Add button also requires users to log in. This button is either Save or Add depending on context.
On search pages, the Save button allows users to save their searches. Users can access all of their saved searches from the main myUFDC page.
On collection and item pages, the Add button allows users to Add collections to their personal homepages and can add items to bookshelves.

myUFDC Home

myUFDC Home is the first page after users log in, and it links to the user’s bookshelves, saved searches, and collections.


Users can add new bookshelves, manage existing bookshelves, and make bookshelves public.

Public Bookshelf

The example below is online here.

Saved Searches

My Collections