Press Release: Dr. Simon Y. Liu Named New NAL Director (January 2010)

Press release from the USDA National Agricultural Library (PDF here)
United States Department of Agriculture
Research, Education, and Economics
Agricultural Research Service
January 20, 2010
Dear Friends and Colleagues of the USDA National Agricultural Library:
It gives me great pleasure to announce the appointment of Dr. Simon Y. Liu as the new Director of the National Agricultural Library (NAL), effective February 14, 2010.
Dr. Liu currently is an Associate Director of the National Library of Medicine (NLM) and the Director of NLM Computer and Communications Systems in Bethesda, Maryland, a position he has held since May 2000. In addition to a wealth of leadership, program development, management, and other executive experience at NLM, Dr. Liu brings a rich portfolio of professional credentials and skills to the NAL.
As a native of Taiwan, he received his undergraduate training there. In post graduate training in the U.S., he earned master’s degrees in Computer Science, Business Administration, and Government from Indiana University, University of Maryland, and Johns Hopkins University, respectively. He has received two doctoral degrees (Ed.D. in Higher Education and Ph.D. in Computer Science) from George Washington University. He now holds adjunct faculty and graduate school appointments at several of these institutions.
Dr. Liu is active in professional societies and associations and as an Editor of a web technology journal and an information technology professional magazine. Prior to his NLM service, he held information technology and management leadership positions with the U.S. Departments of Justice and Treasury during the mid to late 1990’s following private sector contractor work supporting software development for NASA information systems and space mission studies.
As Director of the National Agricultural Library, Dr. Liu will provide leadership to the world’s largest and most accessible research library focused on agriculture and related subjects. On the basis of this diverse training and experience, Dr. Liu has demonstrated those visionary qualities sought in the new Director to provide innovative technological and strategic approaches to the development and operation of NAL’s next generation library and information systems for effective customer service, partnerships, and stakeholder support.
I wish to express my sincere appreciation to the Search Committee, Evaluation Panel, and the many NAL customers, partners and stakeholders whose proactive interest throughout the search and competitive recruitment process has culminated in the appointment of Dr. Liu.
I look forward to working with Dr. Liu, the NAL staff, and the Library’s diverse and devoted constituencies in the days ahead to assure the ongoing development and success of NAL programs, products, and services.
EDWARD B. KNIPLING Administrator