Fellowships at Digital Humanities Centers

The message below is from the Centernet list. For any scholars interested in working with the University of Florida Digital Library Center on the Florida Digital Newspaper Library, the Caribbean Newspaper Digital Library, the Digital Library of the Caribbean, the Baldwin Library of Historical Children’s Literature Digital Collection, or any of our other digital collections or projects (full list with page counts for the collections is here, but please note that the page counts are not the best way to count for some collections as with the world maps), please contact me.

The NEH’s Division of Research has a grant program called Fellowships at Digital Humanities Centers. Each fellow is sponsored by a DH center. So if you are a scholar (from post-doc to senior) just find yourself a DH center to be your sponsor. Or if you are a DH center, find yourself a fellow. Simple as that!
The grant pays money to BOTH the fellow and to the center.
Deadline is September 15th. If you have some ideas, I urge you to contact NEH staff, who will read drafts and give you opinions on ideas for fellows.
Contact: fdhc@neh.gov
Guidelines: http://www.neh.gov/grants/guidelines/fdhc.html