New Editions of Two Baldwin Books Translated and Published

The University of Florida’s Digital Library Center regularly receives requests for copies of digital files. The UF Digital Collections contain many items not in the public domain, but for which the rights owners have granted permissions and for those we refer requests to the rights holders. If the files are UF’s and in the public domain, the DLC is happy to share the files. We do ask for attribution to the UF Libraries so that users of the new materials can find more related items and we ask for news of where the images are being used so we can share that information with our current users as well.
Recently, files for two Baldwin books were requested for translation into Catalan and republishing into new volumes by Editorial Flamboyant, a publisher whose goal is to bring small literary gems to children and parents. Editorial Flamboyant has done a wonderful job and the new books are now available online from their website. Their blog includes more information on these books and their plans for the future, and the blog is here and translated with Google translate into English here.