Digital Library of the Caribbean Lesson Plan Competition

The Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC) has a lesson plan competition to develop lesson plans and educational resources that connect the wonderful primary resources in dLOC directly to classrooms.
Submissions for the lesson plan competition are due April 20, so there’s still time to get submissions in!
Full details are on the dLOC website, but some additional information is below for convenience.

Teaching US and World History with Caribbean Primary Resources: A Lesson Plan Competition
Spring, 2009
Join us in our mission to promote Caribbean studies in K-12 education. The Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC) is working with diverse partners to provide free, online access to Caribbean documents. Now we would like to develop an open access repository of ready to use lesson plans to help busy teachers incorporate these resources into the classroom.
This competition is open to university, public and private school teachers, home school educators, and university students pursuing degrees in Education.
How to participate:

  1. Review the dLOC collections at in search of connections between the materials and your curriculum.
  2. Review the submission guidelines and prepare a lesson plan for the competition
  3. Test the lesson in a classroom
  4. Complete the Competition Write-up and submit by April 20, 2009
  5. Applications will be reviewed and award recipients notified by May 18, 2009

1. Two (2) First Prizes of $1000 each
2. Four (4) Second Prizes of $500 each
3. Five (5) Third Prizes of $200 each
4. Unspecified number of Honorable Mentions (no award)
The Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC) is building a cooperative open access, online resources from and about the Caribbean and circum-Caribbean to provide scholars, students, and citizens around the world with access to Caribbean cultural, historical and scientific materials. The Caribbean comprises a diverse mix of cultures, histories and peoples, and developing innovative approaches to teach students about the interactions between the Caribbean and the United States will encourage greater understanding of the interconnected nature of the world and its history.
To promote the development, sharing and application of lesson plans that will facilitate the use of these newly accessible resources in K-12 education, dLOC is offering an opportunity for University, public and private school teachers, university students pursuing degrees in Education, and home school educators to submit lesson plans based on material(s) found at the project’s website ( The lessons should engage students in a meaningful examination of the resource and link the resource(s) with its historical context (see the rules for more information). We will accept lesson plans in the three current languages in dLOC: English, French and Spanish.
A team of qualified reviewers will judge the lesson plans, and will award:
Two (2) First Prizes of $1000 each
Four (4) Second Prizes of $500 each
Five (5) Third Prizes of $200 each
Unspecified number of Honorable Mentions (no monetary award)
The lesson plans that receive recognition from our judging panel will be made available on dLOC’s website with full credit of authorship given to the teacher and recognition of his/her school.
All applications must be sent electronically to before April 20, 2009 to be considered for this competition. We welcome lesson plan submissions after the deadline for possible inclusion in the Teacher Resources section of the project website. Award recipients will be notified via email by May 18, 2009 .
Contest Rules:
I. Participation — We welcome lesson plan submissions from any subject area incorporating content from dLOC from University, public and private school teachers, university students pursuing degrees in Education, and home school educators.
II. Deadline — All submissions must be submitted electronically and received by March 16, 2009 for consideration.
III. Content – The lesson plan should focus on one or more of the resources available through dLOC and provide activities that facilitate the critical examination of the resource while placing the lesson in its Caribbean, United States, and World (if appropriate) historical context.
IV. Submission Guidelines:
Please label each section with the number and titles below. Submit the lesson plans in 12 point Times New Roman, Arial or Calibri fonts, single spaced, in either MS Word or pdf format. Please sign, scan and send with your application the Certification statement. If you have questions or concerns, contact the project coordinator at
1. Cover Page — home and school contact information, including home address and phone number, and school name, address and phone number, and particpant’s email address.
2. Title and Overview – Provide a brief (100 word) summary of the lesson plan.
3. Lesson Goals and Objectives – 10 points
Identify the concepts and/or skills addressed in the lesson. Reference the National and/or State Standards that the lesson meets (please clearly identify the source of the standard).
4. Historical Background – 10 points
Provide a brief summary (500 – 1500 words) of the historical background related to the lesson. Place this summary in the context of the Caribbean, the United States and the World.
5. Target Audience – 10 points
List the grade levels and subject areas that are appropriate for the lesson.
6. Required Materials – 10 points
Include the references for the dLOC resources (at least one) as well as any other materials required to complete the lesson.
7. Teaching Activities – 30 points
Outline the activities and the time required so that the lesson can be easily implemented by another teacher.
8. Grading Assessments – 10 points
Address at least one strategy for assessing the student’s learning that results from this lesson.
9. Measured Impact of Lesson Plan– 10 points
Include a one page report that addresses your (or another teacher’s) experience implementing the lesson in the classroom.