Digital Library of the Caribbean, More Years for More Titles

In addition to the ongoing work by all partners that constantly adds new materials to the Digital Library of the Caribbean, the University of Florida is participating with the Center for Research Libraries’ (CRL) World Newspaper Archive. By participating, CRL will return copies of the digital files for the newspapers that will be digitized so that UF can include them the Digital Library of the Caribbean, so that these papers will always be freely and openly accessible for all!

Under this program, the titles to be added to the Digital Library of the Caribbean will be (pre-1923 years only):

CRL’s World Newspaper Archive currently only plans to cover pre-1923 issues, but the University of Florida Libraries and other partners in the Digital Library of the Caribbean will continue working on digitizing all years of these newspapers to have them all openly and freely online!

Many issues of the Diario de la Marina from the 1940s-1960s are already online and many others are in process. By participating in CRL’s project, even more will be added even sooner than expected. While sooner than expected, this still may take quite some time because UF hasn’t even begun the process of shipping the microfilm to be digitized and that has to be underway before we can start seeing digital files returned and then those will need to be processed before they can be loaded. It still means sooner, though, and that we can ensure more materials are all online sooner.