Loading on Hold, Day Seven

We had a drive fail on our development box, which runs our loader. This wouldn’t have caused much of a delay, but we had people out and the drive should have recovered with a disk check (or at least that’s how it appeared). With the holiday yesterday, we’re running hopefully the last of the checks possible and we’ll either have the development server back up and running tomorrow or we’ll restore from the last backup. While it’s been a long delay–thanks to a weekend and another day off–we’ll soon be loading again and we have lots to load. With all of the files ready to load and the fact that we’re currently sitting at 2.87 million pages, we’ll soon be over 3 million pages. Any delays tend to depressing because we have so much to share that it’s hard to wait. Once we start loading, though, it will once again be wonderful and in the meantime we’re holding steady.