Blogs at the UF Libraries

The UF Libraries now have a multi-user install of WordPress (known as WordPress MU). The blogs that the Libraries have been using externally from various other sites, including this one, are now being centralized for ease and improved communication. Blogs at the UF Libraries are here:
The Blogroll for the main blog includes only the blogs at the UF Libraries, so the first page is an easy entry into the rest of blogs. Right now, many of the blogs are still being pulled in and other non-blog areas of the Libraries are being tested for reformatting  as blogs. After all, blogs are great for any chronological style information site and for sites that are heavily populated by events, dates, and other happenings.  This blog will likely remain here. It may become a more personal-professional chronicle of my work (which is unlikely given that my information addiction makes the professional the personal so the two aren’t really separable); or I may simply clone the blog so that it’s easily accessible in either area (more likely); or the other blog may host the day-to-day technical update blog and this may stay as it is for my reflections; or I may pursue some blend of the possible options.