Feminist Archives

womanews21977.jpgIn the 1970s Gainesville, Florida was home to many of the radical women of the Women’s Movement. Despite a rich web of activity and impact, much of this history is in danger of being lost or at least obscured by a lack-of-presence from current and accessible avenues. Luckily, researchers like Leila Adams are not only collecting the archival materials but also digitizing the materials to ensure preservation and access, thereby ensuring proper representation of the Women’s Movement.
The Radical Women in Gainesville collection is rapidly growing and more materials will be added soon. As materials are added and slowly populate through the web, hopefully articles like “From Barricades to Blogs” questioning the contemporary relevance of the Women’s Movement will have their answers and a whole slew of better questions, like “what can the current battles for equality and social justice learn from the Women’s Movement?”