The information below is no longer being updated. This information was removed from my CV in 2017, following promotion to full. The information is retained here for reference/records.

Digital Scholarship, Public Scholarship & Data Curation/Management Resources
In 2011, I began the process of drafting requirements and developing administrative and technical materials (for coherent policies, procedures, and reporting) for digital scholarship, public scholarship, and data curation. This includes collaboratively creating and supporting venues and discussions to support collaboration for these (e.g., co-facilitating the Digital Humanities Working Group and DH Library Group, co-chairing the Data Management/Curation Task Force), as well as creating and supporting standardized materials for collaboration (e.g., project charters), promotion and outreach for activities, sustainable operations, integration of data curation lifecycle support within campus entity workflows and external partner workflows, and contributing to reports and plans (e.g., UF Campus Cyberinfrastructure Plan 2015-2020).
Specific selected resources grouped in relation to collaborative work activities.

  1. Lead and facilitator for Caribbean Studies in the Digital Age, 2017 Webinar Series:
  2. Project team member and lead facilitator for the UF review process and Open Source Software declaration:
    1. Community Engagement Engine, patron relations management software (2016)
    2. MassMine, social media archiving and mining software (2015)
    3. SobekCM, Open Source Digital Repository Software (2013)
    4. Digital & Public Scholarship
    5. “Best Practices for Cultivating Diversity Scholarship and Public Engagement in Tenure and Promotion.” (Jordana Cox, Sophia Acord, Bonnie Moradi, and Laurie Taylor). 2016:
  3. LibraryPress@UF. LibraryPress@UF. 2016-:
    1. LibraryPress@UF, an imprint of University of Florida Press & George A. Smathers Libraries. LibraryPress@UF. 2016:
    2. LibraryPress@UF for Print on Demand (POD): LibraryPress@UF. 2016:
    3. LibraryPress@UF, Manuscript Information Sheet. LibraryPress@UF. 2016:
    4. Digital Scholarship Website. Smathers Libraries. 2014-:
  4. Digital Scholarship Systems for Connecting Scholars & Libraries, Overview Guide. Smathers Libraries. 2014:
  5. Digital Humanities & Digital Humanities Working Group
    1. Digital Humanities Working Group. UF Groups. 2015-:
    2. Digital Humanities Website. Smathers Libraries. 2013-2015:
  6. Digital Humanities Library Group (DHLG)
    1. DHLG Meeting Materials. Smathers Libraries. 2014-2015.
    2. Developing Librarian Project Materials. Smathers Libraries. 2014-2015.
  7. DHLG Blog. Smathers Libraries. 2015.
  8. Data Management/Curation Task Force
    1. Data Management/Curation Task Force Website. 2013-2016:
    2. Data Management/Curation Task Force Reports and Meeting Materials. 2013-2016:
    3. Data Services, Text for Outreach and Promotion. 2013:
    4. Dataset Support in SobekCM Overview. 2013:
    5. IR@UF: Loading Large Files & Data Sets. 2013.
    6. Fact Sheet/Overview on Data Management Support from the UF Libraries with the IR@UF & More. 2013.
    7. Notes and Questions for Facilitated / Focused Group Discussion on Digital / Data Management / Curation. 2013:
  9. Trusted Repository Audit Checklist (TRAC) Project Resources. TRAC Project Reports and Resources. 2014-2015:
  10. Digital Collection Development & Management Resources
    1. Born-Digital Harvesting & Ingest;
    2. Digital Collections: Related Policy, Procedure, & Process Documentation;
    3. Digital Collection Management with Legacy and Evolving Digital Collections;
    4. Moving or Removing Items or Collections;
    5. Activating New Users for Self-Submittals;
    6. Digital Collection Management with Mixed Physical & Digital Collections;
    7. IR@UF: Theses and Dissertations;
    8. Resources for Curators & News Updates;
    9. Creating New Digital Collections (Aggregations) in SobekCM;
    10. Exhibits and Digital Collections;
    11. Thematic Collections (Curated Digital Collections & Scholarship Projects);
    12. Draft Example Text for Curator Email Responses to External Questions;
    13. Internships with Curators on the UF Digital Collections;
    14. Project Charter Resources;
    15. Migration & Ingest from CONTENTdm: Notes on Processing for Partners;
    16. Data Management Support from the UF Libraries with the IR@UF & More;
    17. Example Digitization and Digital Production Tracking Sheets from SobekCM;
    18. SobekCM: Resources for Outreach, Promotion, and Assessment;
    19. Library Liaison Teams for Data/Digital Scholarship Projects and Collections;
    20. UF’s Model Collaborative, Distributed Digitization with Partners;
    21. High Resolution Image / File Requests and Handling;
    22. Approving Users for Self Submittal in SobekCM;
    23. Quality Control (QC) Online in SobekCM;
    24. Material Tracking Form for sending materials to Digital Production Services;
    25. SobekCM Management and Reporting Tool (SMaRT);
    26. Rights and Permissions Statements in SobekCM at UF;
    27. Aggregations with Curators, Rights Statements, & Email Contacts;
    28. Digital Curation Workflow: Ingesting Partner Records with OAI-PMH;
    29. UF Digital Collections: Partnerships Leveraging Capacity;
    30. Born Digital Curation of PDFs for High Quality Display (and Not Printing);
    31. Procedures for Deleting;
    32. Collapsing Serial Hierarchy;
    33. Domain Names (URLs) Maintained by the UF Smathers Libraries;
    34. Smathers Libraries. 2013-2015.
  12. Standard Survey Questions for Ease in Creating New Surveys for Digital Collections. Smathers Libraries. 2013:
  13. Facilitated Peer Review Committee:
    Peer Review Guide for Peer Reviewers and Submitting Authors;
    Application for Facilitated Peer Review Support for Alternative Scholarly Works;
    Letter template to request peer reviewer reviewing;
    Peer Review Form for Peer Reviewers for Alternative Scholarly Works;
    Facilitated Peer Review Committee Report, 2012-2013. Smathers Libraries. 2013:
  14. Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC). “dLOC Scholar Update.” Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC).
    1. 2016:
    2. 2015:
    3. 2014:
  15. Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC) Comprehensive Sustainability Plan (for July 1, 2012 To June 30, 2015). Digital Library of the Caribbean. 2011, 2013, 2014:

Digital Scholarship, Data Curation, and Digitization Administrative Resources
From 2011-2014, I developed administrative and technical materials for non-production needs; creating standardized language for use in grant and other funding proposals (e.g., “Digital Scholarship Lifecycle Support,” “Broader Impacts Support,” “Preservation Support,” “Permissions & Referencing”), for promotion, and for students interested in coursework with the digital collections.  From 2007-2011, I developed administrative and technical materials for coherent policies, procedures, and reporting for digital production; creating standardized methods for project proposals, production reporting and projections, and cost estimates (e.g., average times and cost calculation workbook, I collaboratively wrote, created, and revised technical and content management components for approximately 500 digital collections in the UF Digital Collections and Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC), from 2007-2014. Technically prepared 8 online exhibitions from 2007-2012, liaising with subject matter experts and exhibition designers to create and properly present the online exhibitions using various technologies including XML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, and SobekCM.
Collaboratively created handouts and guides for digital/data collections and libraries:

  1. Pioneer Days in Florida Lesson Plan: Materiality and Artifactuality of Digital Objects. 2014.
  2. Teaching Resources: “Recent Searches” in SobekCM. Smathers Libraries. 2013:
  3. Pioneer Days in Florida Lesson Plan: Introduction to the Digital Humanities with the Voyant Data & Text Mining Tools. 2013.
  4. Digital Library of the Caribbean User Guide. Digital Library of the Caribbean. 2012:
  5. Digital Humanities – Library Guide. Smathers Libraries. 2012:
  6. UF Digital Collections – Library Guide. Smathers Libraries. 2012:
  7. Institutional Repository at the University of Florida – Library Guide. Smathers Libraries. 2012:
  8. “OJS – Open Journal Systems,” Library Guide: Library Liaisons. Smathers Libraries. 2012:
  9. Handout: Digital Scholarship and Broader Impacts supported through the UF Digital Collections (UFDC). Smathers Libraries. 2011:
  10. Handout and Teaching Notes: Scholarly Publication, Institutional Repositories, and Author Rights. Smathers Libraries. 2011:
  11. Handout: Measuring Impact and Return on Investment for Digital Collections and Digital Humanities Projects. Smathers Libraries. 2011:
  12. Teaching Handout: Enhancing Access to Historical Resources: Adding Descriptions. Smathers Libraries. 2011:
  13. myUFDC: Print, Send, Save / Add, and Share from the UF Digital Collections. Smathers Libraries. 2010:

Collaboratively created a training manual, training assessments, technical reports, and guides for UF, dLOC, and ARL PD Bank partners:

  1. “dLOC Quick Guide to Submitting Materials.” Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC). 2014:
  2. SobekCM User Guide. Smathers Libraries and Digital Library of the Caribbean. 2013:
  3. “dLOC Guide to Adding a New Publication as a New Item Record + Excerpt.” Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC). 2013:
  4. “dLOC Guide for Adding New Item Records with Linked Resources.” Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC). 2013:
  5. “Sample Outline for Presentations on a Single Digital Collection.” UF Digital Collections. 2013:
  6. “Digital Collections & Digital Scholarship Post-Project Assessment Notes.” UF Digital Collections. 2013:
  7. ARL Position Description Bank (ARL PD Bank): User Guide. Smathers Libraries. 2013:
  8. ARL Position Description Bank (ARL PD Bank) Handout. Smathers Libraries. 2013:
  9. Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC) Newsletter. Digital Library of the Caribbean. 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013:
  10. Metadata Training Materials: Presentation Slides, Handout, and Assessment. UF Digital Collections and Digital Library of the Caribbean. 2012:
  11. Digital Library of the Caribbean Training Manual (includes the Guide to Permissions & Copyright/Public Domain Review). Digital Library of the Caribbean. 2011:
  12. Digital Library of the Caribbean Metadata Guide. Digital Library of the Caribbean. 2011:
  13. IR@UF, Simple Promotional Email/Handout for Conferences. Smathers Libraries. 2012:
  14. SobekCM METS Metadata Viewer / Editor Application Guide. Smathers Libraries and Digital Library of the Caribbean. 2010:
  15. SobekCM Metadata Help Pages. Smathers Libraries and Digital Library of the Caribbean. 2010, 2011, 2012:
  16. myUFDC & myDLOC Digital Collection Manager/Curator Tools. Smathers Libraries. 2010:
  17. Features Desired in a Digital Library System. Digital Initiatives Subcommittee and Digital Initiatives and Services Committee, Council of State Libraries. 2010 and 2011:
  18. Bioactive. Online web quest game for library instruction. Smathers Libraries: