University Press of Florida is hiring a Publicity Coordinator to join the marketing team. The position summary is: This full-time position coordinates and implements publicity campaigns for books published by University Press of Florida with an emphasis on promoting books written for nonacademic audiences as well as coordinating and contributing to various aspects of the Press’s external communications strategy. The focus of the work will be to raise the profile of the Press and its books among general audiences and stakeholders by securing book reviews and other media coverage, planning and coordinating content across the Press’s social media accounts, and communicating about the activities of theRead More →

With a heart overflowing with joy, I write from the always wonderful ACURIL conference! ACURIL is the Association of Caribben University, Research, and Institutional Libraries, and this year, it is in beautiful Curaçao. There’s too much to write, so I hope to caught up in the coming months on sharing on wonderful work and fun underway at ACURIL instititions! One note is that this year is the first year ACURIL is testing automated translation, using, which automatically detects and translates speech into transcribed text and audio in other languages. I’m interested to see the overall evaluation from all ~200 partipants. From what I canRead More →

Please see this amazing job posting: For folks from non-library backgrounds, this job is welcoming! The statement to look for is there in the requirements: “A graduate degree in library/information science or another relevant field.” Also, if anyone is new to libraries, the JMU Libraries are known to be awesome, and led by the amazing Dean Bethany Nowviskie! They are also hiring for a couple of other key roles: Please check it out, and share! And, copied below for ease:) Thanks to the absolutely fabulous Julian Chambliss for sharing! About James Madison University Mission We are a community committed to preparing students toRead More →

Huge thanks to the amazing Digital Development Team in the Library Technology Services Department! Note: We’re moving to focus on production tools, so we will have fewer patron system updates while we work on updating production and preservation processes. And, I love all our systems, so will share whatever I can! The Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC), Florida Digital Newspaper Library, and UF Digital Collections (UFDC), have several new updates, including: Date hierarchy view for newspapers. Example with dates: Example with paging: This has been the most requested feature for the new interfaces. The difference is having a browseable list of datesRead More →

FIX THE GAP: Crowdsourcing STEMM Speaking Engagement Fees & Honoraria is an awesome resource for improving equity for honoraria and other speaking engagement payments, and for the process overall. How often are folks on committees and asked what an honorarium should be? My experience is that this happens pretty often and a bunch of us not knowing benchmarks is the good situation; worse is when this isn’t discussed and then zero is assumed. How often are folks asked to speak and know their labor and what it will require from them, but then lowball or don’t ask at all because they don’t know standard benchmarks? SuperRead More →

I love sharing joyous things, and this is super joyous! archipelagos: a journal of Caribbean digital praxis, the top journal of Caribbean Digital Scholarship, has just published a special issue dedicated to the Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC), and guest edited by Hadassah St. Hubert and Perry Collins. This is a fantastic special issue! The issue begins with an introduction by the archipelagos editors, Kaiama Glover and Alex Gil, entitled “A love letter to librarians”, which includes: At the heart of this issue is the gift to all of us that is the Digital Library of the Caribbean, one of the largest and most stable suchRead More →

I had been wondering how fast the technological changes had been for folks in the Libraries at UF recently. Then, last week, I stumbled across an old grant from 2017 which included paying for a Zoom pro license as an experiment. In checking, it turns out the Libraries started with Zoom on February 5, 2018. Just over 4 years, the work to set up Zoom got started. Now, Zoom is a standard, routine part of operations. Microsoft Teams came even later, and again, it is a standard, routine part of operations. I remember the times before, when conference calls via phone were still in use,Read More →

With Library Technology & Digital Strategies having accomplished so much in the last two years (thanks to everyone on these amazing teams!), we’re looking to continue to build, grow, and mature operations. As always, we are looking to do so at in a sustainable manner, so a maintainable pace for accomplishing work and improving. For the next phase of work, retrospective techniques are useful for maturing operations. One that is great is the 4Ls Retrospective (my preferred Liked, Learned, Lacked, and Longed for, and also versions like Loved, Loathed, Learned, and Longed for). The framework is clear and productive, and I love this framework toRead More →

Thrilled to be posting this position! This will be in the Digital Partnerships & Strategies Department with me and the rest of the team! Looking forward to a new collaborator! —- POSITION VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT Caribbean Partnerships Librarian Assistant University Librarian or Associate University Librarian University of Florida George A Smathers Libraries SALARY: $62,800 minimum salary at the Assistant University Librarian rank $72,600 minimum salary at the Associate University Librarian rank The Smathers Libraries offer a salary commensurate with experience and credentials The University of Florida’s George A. Smathers Libraries seek a Caribbean Partnerships Librarian that will provide leadership in planning, developing, and managing partnerships andRead More →

See the full announcement on Fight for Rights from the LibraryPress@UF website. The book is freely available online ( and no permission is necessary to access or share. I am super excited to share that the LibraryPress@UF has published Fight for Rights: The Chicago 1919 Riots and the Struggle for Black Justice, a freely available, digital monograph, by Dr. Elizabeth Dale, Professor of History and Law at UF! The LibraryPress@UF utilized Scalar for the book, and it is our first major publication in Scalar, so an excellent resource itself and an exemplar that informs our future digital publications and processes. From the announcement, about theRead More →