The newest issue of the Modern Language Association (MLA) Newsletter is out and, in it, MLA is calling for innovative presentation proposals for the 128th MLA Annual Convention in Boston. In the newsletter, MLA does a wonderful service in articulating the need for innovative proposals as a way to support communication and discussion and innovative proposals as an addition to and not a replacement for traditional presentations. The first piece in the newsletter (pages 1-2) explains the need and interest in innovative proposals and explains that the goal is to support enriched exchange. On page 5, Rosemary G. Feal, Executive Director of MLA, again explains theRead More →

The Modern Language Association (MLA) Convention of 2012 is now over. MLA 2012 greatly exceeded my expectations. In this post, I’d like to note my appreciation to the MLA and all attendees for making MLA 2012 such a vibrant and wonderful experience.  As Roger Whitson noted, he and I had a number of discussions on how and why this MLA was a great conference. We both attributed a great deal of the energy and dynamism to the digital humanities (DH). In his blog post, Roger goes on to consider calls for transformation to DH, finding DH useful and supportive as it is without transformation. I stronglyRead More →