There’s now an iPhone App specifically for the Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC) and it’s available here. dLOC was already included as one of the collections in an earlier app. The specialized app is simply targeted to dLOC alone. This is just one more way to enjoy the amazing materials shared by so many partners who all contribute to and build the Digital Library of the Caribbean. All of dLOC’s wonderful resources are available online through the dLOC website, with new resources add on an ongoing basis: More →

With three iPhone apps out, downloads have increased, with 45 downloads of the main SobekPH App from 3/1-3/7/2010, 14 downloads of the Baldwin SobekPH app, and 5 downloads of the UF Archives SobekPH App. Given that the Baldwin and UF Archives apps were only out for 1/2 of the week, 19 downloads in just a few days means we’re already showing great results for sharing the UF Digital Collections more widely. Hopefully all of the folks downloading the apps are also showing the apps and sharing with friends!Read More →

More content is almost always better, so the SobekPH App for accessing multiple collections from the UF Digital Collections is best for more content. However because each of the collections already has such a vast supply of content to offer, we’re also starting to release iPhone Apps for each of the individual collections. Two new iPhone Apps are now available, one for UF’s University Archives photographs and another for the Baldwin Library of Historical Children’s Literature Digital Collection. Check them out in the App store (SobekPH UF Archives and SobekPH Baldwin), or see them online in the UF Digital Collections!Read More →

SobekPH, the free UFDC iPhone App (available from iTunes here) for the UF Digital Collections has been downloaded 76 times since it was released on November 23. Most of the downloads have been in the US, but there are downloads from all around the world already! Downloads Country Code 2 GB 4 DE 2 AU 51 US 2 CA 1 IE 2 FR 1 ES 1 CN 1 PH 1 HK 1 KR 2 IT 1 RO 2 JP 2 RURead More →