Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC) Organizational Chart

With the new bylaws in effect that reflect governance and program activities, dLOC has an organizational chart! The lines are active relations – all groups interact with each other at different times and for different reasons; the lines are not restrictive nor directive. The org chart reflects an active diagram of dLOC’s operations, where Partners are the heart, and are supported by the Host Institutions, Scholarly Advisory Board, Executive Board, and financially supporting members.

Also, please note that Partners and Members are similar words, and translation complicates this further. We’ve seen confusion in the past where some Partners have asked if they had to be members and pay to be part of dLOC, and they do not. Partners are the heart of dLOC, and Partners all contribute content, time for governance, and time as part of the community supporting other Partners.

I am excited to have this org chart available, for the clarity it brings, and for future work to better communicate and build dLOC operations to support Partners!

Edited note: while the bylaws were in draft, once we had this diagram (huge thanks to Tracy MacKay-Ratliff for making it from my scratchy drawing!), I printed it. I had it on the board in my office and on my fridge at home because it gives me such joy to see dLOC Partners visually represented as they are, as the heart of dLOC.