Florida Digital Newspaper Library – explore titles by County

The fabulous Digital Development Team continues to release regular enhancements for all 3 portals (UF Digital Collections, Digital Library of the Caribbean, and the Florida Digital Newspaper Library). With so much new since the start of 2022, I’m trying to keep up with writing on the new stuff here, for my own ease of reference and sharing!

For example, the Florida Digital Newspaper Library has the option to browse titles by county: https://newspapers.uflib.ufl.edu/titles

Please check it out! And, check out exploring the titles in FDNL, looking through each which display all together and in chronological order, as with the Independent Florida Alligator. It will likely change soon, but there’s a bit of an Easter Egg for this title, with an April Fool’s edition labeled December 7, 1941 showing as the first issue (true date shows on page 3, and is April 1, 1974). Folks who know, know that the Independent Florida Alligator did not exist until 1973 (when it went independent) so this issue is mislabeled. The new system makes it easy to see this discrepancy, and it will soon be corrected. For now, it’s a neat Easter Egg to see!

Browse titles by county view for the Florida Digital Newspaper Library