Alpha is Alive! New UFDC, dLOC, and first-ever Florida Digital Newspaper Library stand-alone site

We still have some pending corrections (handling for private items to not display, and restricted items to display a message on restriction, the collections pages on dLOC and UFDC, etc.). Work is going and those will be fixed soon. With that said:

I am super thrilled to share that the alpha versions of the new UF Digital Collections, Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC), and first-ever Florida Digital Newspaper Library stand-alone sites are all now live in alpha!

Check them out:

We’re continuing to work through bugs, and always great to send me anything you see! The big update will be on November 29, when the new systems will be fully live, so the existing UFDC and dLOC URLs will go to the new beta sites. We know we have a lot to work through (so much old metadata in need of updates for structmaps, files, and more!) and we also have so many new wanted features.  See more on our process on the in-development FAQ and in the guide for internal activities from now through beta release and after.