Valentine’s Day in the Public Domain, by Perry Collins

Two green parrots snugglingSharing because I LOVE this work! It gives people a productive way to think with, feel, and understand Open Access and UFLib Domains, and it’s just so super fun and happy, too!

From Perry Collins:

I’m happy to announce the launch of a new website, Valentine Remix: Love & Friendship in the Public Domain. The site aggregates out-of-copyright images from a number of libraries, museums, and web portals (like the NYPL and Met Museum) that make it easy to discover public domain material.

Some of you might remember that a year ago I worked with Lisa Campbell, Chelsea Johnston, and other folks in Library West and Facilities to host an in-person version of this event. We covered three tables with cut-out images and stickers for students and staff to craft their own Valentines, and we mailed about 50 postcards from students to their loved ones throughout that week. You can read about the event in SOURCE.

While we couldn’t come together this year, we’re so happy to share this web resource with you and with a broader audience online. My goal for this site–as well as another to be launched this spring with Florida-themed images–is to entertain and engage while also teaching copyright literacy and legal and ethical reuse of online materials.

Please circulate to your networks and let me know if you have any feedback!


Perry Collins, Copyright and Open Educational Resources Librarian, University of Florida