Happy Projects: SOURCE Magazine, Fall 2019

SOURCE, issue 3Working in libraries at UF, as a public institution, means that I get to be part of so much great work in terms of preservation, access, education, research, learning, and so much more. One of my many happy programs is the LibraryPress@UF which publishes works that build from the Libraries’ unique collections and creates new works that extend the library collections, creating new works in the spirit and manner of transformative collaboration and engaging in the public sphere to expand the form and meaning of publication to further public scholarship. All of the work is awesome! It is particularly awesome that the LibraryPress@UF produces two issues of SOURCE Magazine each year. This means two issues filled with wonderful stories, written by so many different contributors, telling of fantastic work by and with the Libraries, gorgeously designed by Tracy MacKay-Ratliff (working with the full editorial team!), and released to the world to share on this work, and to connect into the vast riches of the UF Digital Collections with so many Open Access materials, and the wide array of programs at UF, and with partners.

I am writing this in thanks for and to share about the fabulous LibraryPress@UF Program, and the awesome new issue of SOURCE!