Transforming Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums (GLAMS) in the 21stCentury: A Workshop on Developing Innovative Skills, Techniques and Tools DLIS SUMMER INSTITUTE 2019

June 11-13, 2019
DLIS Lab, UWI Mona
9:00 AM –4:00 PM daily

To register, obtain pro forma invoice, or for further information, please contact Mrs. Carlene Jacobs Smith at:
Phone: 927-2944/935-8322 Fax: 970-4903 E-mail: Website

Day 1 -Tuesday June 11, 2019
I. Overview of Innovative & Disruptive Techniques and Tools For Use in GLAMs

Day 2 -Wednesday June 12, 2019
II. New Roles and Skillsets for GLAMs Professionals
III. Information Ethics Privacy & Security

Day 3 -Thursday June 13, 2019
IV. Marketing GLAMServices
V. Practical Interactive Sessions

Payment Options:
Daily Rate: JMD$5,500 / USD$50 per day
Early Bird: JMD$13,500/ USD$105 for the entire 3 days*
Face-To-Face: JMD$15,000 / USD$120 for the entire 3 days
Online: JMD$12,500 / USD$100 for the entire 3 days
*Early Bird discount applies if paid by May 28, 2019
Eric Kokke-Marketing & Communications Manager GO | School for Information Netherlands
Cheryl Ann Peltier-Davis -Faculty Liaison Librarian –Social Sciences | UWI, St. Augustine
Stanley H. Griffin, PhD -Lecturer, Archival Studies | UWI, Mona