New Podcast, Reframing History by Dr. Julian Chambliss

I am excited to share the new podcast by Dr. Julian Chambliss (formerly of Rollins College and now at Michigan State University), Reframing History:
I am also super excited because Julian recommended Anchor, which he’s using, to me for making podcasts because of the in/on-phone creation and editing tools, ease of use within a 16 week semester frame for teaching and producing podcasts, and wide and integrated distribution. I know Dr. Briley Rasmussen and I have been talking about podcasts and museum education, and I expect to see us on and using Anchor soon, to both make podcasts and of course to listen to Julian’s work!
Other podcasty/podcasting friends, I am thinking of you, Dr. Sean Trainor, what tools do you use for your podcast work, and do you use the same or others in teaching?