Histories of & Oral Histories with Caribbean Librarians, Archivists, and Museum and Information Professionals?

[Updated with more names thanks to Simone Clunie on 7/25/2018, 7/27/2018, and 8/6/2018); updated with names from UF files, on 7/24/2018 at 1:50pm; ] In speaking with the always-inspiring Dr. Julian Chambliss about his public-digital scholarship work and that he’s working on a potential project of 100 best/top, or just 100 of X, I–like most people–also thought about how inspiring work inspires, and how I want to contribute.
Anthology and compilation projects are great ways to give overviews and openings to invite researcher and work with greater depth. I’m interested in finding/compiling and collaborating to support more information being available from and about Caribbean librarians, archivists, and museum and information professionals. I identify as a librarian because of the amazing support, mutual aid, mentoring, and support in working with Caribbean librarians, archivists, and museum and information professionals; and, also with folks from and based around the world! The beloved community with the Caribbean and ACURIL were and are particularly important for me in becoming and being a librarian.
I’d like to know more about our community to have greater context and understanding for the future. There’s a great deal available, with a quick and a bit haphazard list of some selected resources at the end of this post.
My thoughts right now are on how I would create a list of 100 awesome Caribbean librarians, archivists, and museum and information professionals. The list will be far too short if only 100 people are covered, but I don’t have ready access to the first 100, so this would be a place and a way for me to start.
I’m going to soon enough be asking folks if they know of other resources, who they see as core professionals from the past and present to illuminate our future, and what questions they have for members of our community and their goals for us, our work, and our local and collective communities. And, of course, I’ll be doing my research, re-finding people and resources I’ve forgotten, and thinking more about how we remember and support our communities, including for growing our communities for the future.

Caribbean Librarians, some names of people who are mentioned in files of UF correspondence on UF and UF-collaborative collection work (means lots of US names; files are appendix here)

  • David K. Easton, Librarian, Caribbean Commission, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, BWI
  • E. L. Walcott, Librarian of the Bridgetown Public Library, Barbados, BWI
  • Neville Connell, Curator of the Barbados Museum and Historical Society, Barbados, BWI
  • B. E. Rolfe, Colonial Development and Welfare in the West Indies, Hastings House, St. Michael 18, Barbados, BWI
  • Curtis Wilgus, UF
  • Stanley West, UF
  • Keyes D. Metcalf, Harvard University Library
  • David Clift, American Library Association
  • Marion A. Milczewski, University of Washington
  • Phil McNiff
  • Marietta___________
  • Nettie Lee Benson
  • Howard Cine
  • Bob Johnson
  • Ada S. Corbeau, UF Camera Operator
  • G. Harkins, UF
  • John (Jack) Harrison, Rockefeller Foundation
    • Later, Charles B. Fahs
  • Hugh Popenoe (Archie Carr, Ray Crist), UF
  • David Lowenthal
  • Miss Emilia Bernal, UPR Library
  • Irene Zimmerman, UF
  • Lyle McAlister
  • Jamaica Discussion
    • Marian Youngs (UF, visited Jamaica Institute)
    • Bernard Lewis
    • William Gocking
    • Philip Sherlock
  • Margaret Knox
  • Maurice de Young, UF teaching assistant, took leave to microfilm
  • Theodore Arthur
  • Kasper Green
  • Miss Vivian Prince, UF
  • Howard Cline
  • Enid M. Baa (misspelled as Baugh in some UF archived correspondence), USVI

Thanks to Simone Clunie for sharing these names and resources: