THATCamp-News, April 17

For Gainesville, the 2018 THATCamp will be THATCamp-News to be held the morning of 4/17, as attached to the IFLA News conference which is 4/18-19.  We welcome folks to the THATCamp-News planning process, and to introduce new folks to THATCamps.
Please join us as a member of the planning team for the first planning meeting on Monday, February 12 at 11am in UF’s Walker Hall, room 200.
Also, please register for THATCamp-News!
THATCamp-News will be 9:30am-12pm on 17 April (Tuesday), the morning before the IFLA International News Media Conference. THATCamp-News is a separate event. We hope that folks participating in THATCamp-News will also engage with the IFLA News conference. Please let us know what information we can provide on this potential event, or on any questions or concerns.
The format for this event will be:

  • 9:15-9:30am: Welcome and opening remarks
  • 9:30-10:15am: Lightning talks
  • 10:15-10:45am: Breakout discussions
  • 10:45-11:30am: Lighting talks
  • 11:30am-12pm: Breakout discussion sessions

All presenters will share on topics related to news and preservation. We expect several presentations to be on digital/digitization of newspaper projects, including on research using digitized news.
Please join us for a planning meeting for this event on Monday, February 12, at 11am in the Center for the Humanities and the Public Sphere, Walker Hall, room 200.

What is THATCamp in Gainesville?

Over the past several years, UF has collaborated with others in Gainesville to host a THATCamp-Gainesville event. “THATCamp” is The Humanities And Technology Camp, and it is an unconference: an open, inexpensive meeting where humanists, technologists, educators, archivists, and folks from many different backgrounds and fields come together to learn together, and to make connections for future collaborations. We have changed the format for THATCamp-Gainesville over the years in terms of duration, location, and structure. THATCamp-Gainesville also began as a different event, Digital Humanities Day.
We are again looking to change the format, to have the event be a thematic event connected to or that cross-promotes another conference.